The Reinvention Experience


Hello, my friends,

Are you ready?

I haven’t taught a class like this for five years. I haven’t had a topic that I needed to teach. But now I do.

Do you feel like you are ready for the next version of you? Is there a version inside of you that needs to come out? Can you feel it?

I have reinvented myself several times in my life. But the last two times have been epic. They have created the person I am today. A person I’m incredibly proud to be.

First, was when I reinvented my business and took it from $1 Million to $40 Million.

Second, was when I got a divorce and changed who I am personally in every way.

Now, for number three, I will be reinventing my business.

I want to share my process with you and teach you how to do it. For the next three months—April, May, and June—we are doing a reinvention experience. I will be teaching you privately and directly.

I will be teaching and coaching on a topic I have only done with a small group of women previously. It was my Millionaire Mastermind group. We met regularly to let go of who we were in order to become who we most wanted to be. I still call that the Millionaire Manufacture Mastermind.

We manufactured millionaires. Literally. But it doesn’t have to be just about money or making more of it. (Although it can be.) It can be about reinventing your body shape, your relationships, your personal life, or your self image.

I know how to reinvent both personally and professionally. I have a documented process that works. Every time. This work is not easy. But it’s the most powerful thing I teach.

For the first time ever, I want to invite you to join me.

We first have to burn down what isn’t working in your life. Then, we will rebuild it better. This is important. We aren’t going to improve what you are already doing. We are going to reinvent it.

Why? Because we don’t just want to improve your life a little. We want to take you to the next version of you.

We don’t want to improve your income by 10% but rather by 10X. We don’t want to make you a bit better, we want to make you your best. I 40xed my income. I made my life and the way I look almost unrecognizable. Through a deliberate process.

It’s a reset. A restart. A do-over.

If what you are doing isn’t working at the level you want it, this reinvention is for you. We will start with me teaching you the steps at the beginning of each call. Then we will coach like crazy to make it happen. I’m not holding back. I will coach you like I coach my Mastermind students.

I will push you. I will expect a lot from you.

I will share my struggle and growth with you as well. We will meet once a week and work. And I mean really work. No passengers. No dabblers.

This is a class for doers who want to reinvent what’s possible for their lives.

I’m an example that it’s possible. I will share all my secrets with you.

Don’t live a life of regret. Don’t repeat the life you already know how to live. Reinvent yourself. Reinvent your life. I will do it alongside you for the third epic time. I will share it all.

Decide yes or no right now. Click the button on this page. (If there’s no button on the sales page we are already sold out.)

Let’s Go. I mean it. Let’s Really GO.

Join me on this epic adventure and never be the same again.

P.S. More details…

  • Cost is $5,000 (no payment plans, no refunds)
  • Classes start April 12th and go through end of June
  • Classes are Tuesdays at 1 pm Pacific Time
  • Calls will be recorded
  • Homework is required
  • Anyone can join, but we recommend you have experience with the Model, this is NOT a beginner class, this is an advanced, life changing experience.


There is a very limited VIP option, The VIP option includes all the live calls and a live event at the end of the Reinvention Experience. It will be held June 25th-26th in Vail, CO, where my summer home is located. It will be me and a small group of people who want to take this work all the way with me in person. I will be coaching and teaching the entire time, right next to you. It is an additional $5,000. Simply check “add VIP experience” below to join us for that. Again, if that button is not there, it has already sold out.